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Patriot_RAM 02-09-2011 07:56 PM

No heat -- Need help with Polaris water heater air intake
Hey Guys,

We have radiant heat and a heat pump in our home. Our heat pump went out yesterday with a shorted board. Today we lost our radiant. We got two feet of snow today and I live at the end of a lake road, so getting an HVAC guy or plumber out here isn't an option because they all have 2wd vans. So, our family is about to be pretty cold if I can't get this radiant working.

The water heater for our radiant is a 130k BTU Polaris that's about three years old. The pre-ignition sequence is never finishing, so the burner never attempts to fire. The plumbers that plumbed the house messed up more things than I can remember. So here's the problem.

On the air intake up on the roof, it's supposed to be 12 inches above the highest expected snow level and have two 90 degree sweeps on it so rain, etc doesn't get in the intake pipe. The guys who plumbed it stubbed it straight up 8 inches. We got two feet of snow today. To make a long story short, there is snow and water in my intake filter. I don't know what type of filter media it uses, but it's the filter that came with the Polaris. I need to get the water out so this thing can get enough air to run. I drilled a tiny hole in the 90 degree elbow at the bottom of the intake pipe, just prior to entering the water heater, no water ran out. There is water seeping out of the intake filter joints about three feet above that elbow.

Can you guys offer some insight on how to fix this? Everything is closed here because of the weather, so getting parts would be extremely difficult. If you can help me figure out a way to dry this filter out our kids, my wife, and I would appreciate it a LOT.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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