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Marilynjp 01-04-2010 09:23 AM

No cold water!! Hot coming out in the cold faucet! HELP
So I wake up on Sunday and there is no cold water in my second floor bathroom. The hot water works though. So I assume the pipes are frozen. I check the basement and the cold and hot water work and the first floor work as well. except the bathroom.

Here is the fun part. if I turn on the cold water in the shower nothing comes out but if I turn on the hot water in the sink then we get water in the shower. BUT ITS ONLY HOT.

I don't know where to start. We just got the house 3 months ago so I don't know what might have been done.

Scuba_Dave 01-04-2010 09:43 AM

Where are you located ?
Pipes on an inside wall or outside ?
Not sure why the sink would effect the shower
Possibly the feed goes thru the sink 1st

Marilynjp 01-04-2010 09:49 AM

I'm in Jersey City, NJ. I have no idea where they are located. My husband is going to be cutting into the wall today to see whats going on.

DangerMouse 01-04-2010 10:08 AM

Hi and welcome to the forum!
if it were me, i would not assume anything. (frozen)
the cold line COULD be plugged for some other reason.
has any work been done lately?
city water or well?
has the kid been playing under the sink making it a fort and decided to turn the knobs?
since it seems to start in the first floor bath, start seeking frozen lines there.
like dave asked, are these 'outside' walls? makes a BIG difference....


Marilynjp 01-04-2010 10:16 AM

No work near me has been done(city)

No kid tampering either. Well the bathroom is located right next to the outside wall. The shower line could be running on the outside wall. But I won't be sure till I get home. My husband is goin gto start under the sink and start heating the pipes there.

Unfortunately, this is our first house so even the easiest things seem daunting

DangerMouse 01-04-2010 10:24 AM

do you know what type of plumbing it is? copper? PVC? PEX?


AllanJ 01-04-2010 06:40 PM

Turn on both hot and cold in the bathroom sink and turn on just the cold in the shower.

Hot water comes up to the sink, crosses over to the sink cold line, goes down and over to the shower, and comes out there.

You have a blockage (ice?) in the cold water line before the bathroom.

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