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needawasher 12-01-2009 09:58 AM

New washer hookup need some advice thanks!
New here wanted to ask all you fine people for some advice.

Some facts

I live in duplex condo which means i have a basement. 1st floor out of 3. I would like to put a washer dryer in my utility room which is located in my basement.

According to the association we are not suppose to have washer or dryer in our unit.

While was looking for places in the same condo development i noticed out of 7 1st floor units 6 had washer and dryer in their own utility room. A lot of these had the same setup. Top load washers with pipes running from the water heater which is located in the same room to the washer. None of the units can vent their dryer as there is no place to vent. Also all of them drained into a floor drain.

Now here is my dilemma.

I can get this washer for 1260 tax included but the install with the water supply is going to cost me $250 so grand total of 1500. The plumbers from Abt are going to do the install. They said for the drain pipe I have to install it myself because technically they cant drain into the floor but they said it was easy. I have been happy with their performance on past installations of fridge water lines and other appliance hookups so thats a bonus?

Does it usually cost that much to make a water supply with pipes? what would it normally cost for a regular licensed plumber to do something like this?

I ask because there are a lot of deals on washers/dryers recently that can be had for under 800 bucks.

What would you do if you were in my situation? I'm trying to save some dough but also dont my decision to backfire on me.

As for the LG washer/dryer combo i am well aware a load will take about 4 hours to complete and i'm fine with that.

link of video to another unit

I dont want sink i've seen others with no sink and drain straight to floor

or if not viewable


Mike Swearingen 12-02-2009 08:58 AM

You can tap into the hot and cold lines above the heater easily with T's to hot (a red handle) and cold (blue handle) washing machine water hose spigots. I use stainless steel flex hoses. You also need a 120v outlet for the washer and a dedicated 240v outlet for the dryer.
It really isn't a good idea to vent dryers inside because they discharge so much moisture, but if that's all that you can do, that's all that you do.
The cost of this installation will depend on what's exactly needed with your layout and where you're located. Get three installation quotes if you're concerned about it.
Good Luck!

needawasher 12-02-2009 09:11 AM

do you happen to know what this "T" thing is called?

i want to go look for it at the hardware store

Thurman 12-02-2009 08:03 PM

I don't want to be the spoil-sport but, read your association's paper carefully regarding to this. What can they do IF you are caught with a washer and/or dryer unit in your condo? The only reason I ask is that I have seen what happens when a condo owner violates the Homeowner Association By-Laws. In the only case I have witnessed, the condo owner was forced to sell out and move, all over a silly rule about kid toys being outside. Please be careful. David

spark plug 12-02-2009 08:22 PM


Originally Posted by needawasher (Post 360158)
do you happen to know what this "T" thing is called?

i want to go look for it at the hardware store

That's exactly what it's called. A "T"! (Without the exclamation mark:laughing:) Just be certain to ask for the right type and size "Copper" 1/2" or 3/4"!
It's also worthwhile to heed the advice of the poster upstream! I once worked for an electrical contractor when we did an upgrade in a Co Op and the owner did not get prior approval of the Board. As a consequence he was almost forced to move out. (No matter what) Don't Drink and Drive, Ever!!!

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