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smithers76 11-21-2011 08:30 PM

new washer/dryer installation
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I just purchased my first washer and dryer. I am excited to take on my first plumbing project, but not without first seeking some expert advice from this forum.
Here is the situation, the previous owner had a washer installed, but never had a hot water supply into the washer. I would like to run new pipes for hot and cold water supply and do it up to code standards in the smartest possible way. I also plan to finish the basement in the future, so i would like to do it thinking ahead and minimizing re-work when it comes time to finish the basement. I also need to return the utility sink to fully functioning. It requires a new faucet and replacement of the valves on the cold water line as they leak. Picture one shows the water supply lines (hot water line is capped off) to the sink. Picture two shows the two supply lines T-ed off the main going to the sink. Picture three shows the water main lines that pass directly above the washer (no tee here). Picture four shows the overall placement of the appliances. Here are my questions/concerns.
1. Should i tee off the main lines passing above the washer. If so, do i install shut-off valves after the tee and then come down with the pipes and install a set of two more valves at the end of the line for connection to the washer supplied hoses?
2. Should i install a set of shut off valves on the utility sink lines, replace defective valves/lines install new faucet, and tee off these two lines going to the left on the surface of the foundation wall towards the washer?
3. I was thinking about using shark-bite/gator-bite fittings. I've never solder before, so i was thinking this would save time and simplify the job a little for me. Are these fittings recommended for this job?
Could you please recommend the best way to get the water supply into the washer. I am leaning more towards approach 1 above, but it will require additional set of shut off valves. I am also very concerned with having to shut off water to the whole house, and running into a big issue that i am not able to fix in which case i would have to place an emergency call to a plumber.$$$$$
Thank you in advance for you help!!!!!

Bud Cline 11-21-2011 09:08 PM

Where's the drain?

What's the question?:)

smithers76 11-21-2011 09:21 PM

The drain would be into the utility sink. The questions are typically followed by a ? (I know it is a long post, sorry)

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