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wagnersr 04-03-2008 07:13 AM

New Shower Valve Installation
This site is a treasure trove of information. I have spent more hours on here than I have in my bathroom doing the renovation.

My question: I am installing a corner shower unit where a bathtub used to be. So, I've ripped it all down to the studs and I've also removed the old black iron plumbing with CPVC. I have a Moen one-handle shower valve that I'm attempting to install at this point. The instructions are very confusing in terms of depth placement of this valve. There is a cylindrical piece they call a "plaster ground" that the escutcheon will mount to.

In the end, do I want this flush with my finished wall, or protruding some amount?

The instructions say that the "front face of the plaster ground is a reference point for a nominal 5/8" thick finished wall with the supply piping centerline nominal 1 11/16" from the face of the stud." The problem with this is that the helpful picture shows the plaster ground to be the same thickness as the wall (one would assume 5/8"), but the piece is in fact 7/8". Oh, and I'm using 1/2" dry wall so an adjustment is in order anyways. And I'm not sure if I need to account for the shower unit at all.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


Ron The Plumber 04-03-2008 08:11 AM

The face is flush to finish wall ideally, but it can be anywhere within the thickness of the guard and still be ok.

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