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Firemanjl 04-13-2008 02:13 PM

New Moen Cartridge leaks
I recently replace my old Moen Tub Cartridge with a new one due to the fact that my old one was only allowing hot water to flow and no cold. Now with the new Cartridge I have both hot and cold water but now I have a slow leak. I tried turning the stem very slowly both counterclockwise and clockwise to see if it would stop but it didn't. Would anyone know why the new cartridge would leak? Should I take it back and try another cartridge or is there something else I am missing. The old cartridge did not leak. Thanks

Boston Plumber 04-13-2008 05:45 PM

Hey Fireman

When you had that moen cartridge out did you "pulse" the hot and cold water for a second or so to remove any debris that may have been disturbed in working on the valve or shutoffs...?

Here, I recommend that you shut water off, remove retainer clip and cartridge and then cover valve with a towel and "pulse" the water on/off for a second or so using separate hot/cold shutoffs (or water meter if that is how you shut the water off to faucet...have friend help you here) to clear valve of any sediment. Then clean/inspect the cartridge. Then check inside with finger to make sure everything is smooth/clear.

Reassemble unit (a little silicone grease at the o-ring on cartridge will aid in re-setting cartridge). If still leaks, need a new cartridge..this one is probably defective.

Check out if need more info.

Good luck!!

Firemanjl 04-13-2008 05:59 PM

New Moen Cartridge leaks
Yes I did "Pulse" the hot and cold water for a second to clear sediment. I guess I am going to have to take back the new one and try another one. The new one must be defective. Is it true that I can take back the old one that I intially removed and get a new one for free? Thanks for the advice anyways

Boston Plumber 04-13-2008 06:53 PM

Hmmm..I am sure that if you called 1800buymoen they would replace for free (takes 10 days to ship for free). For $12.00 they will ship part to you in 48 hours, guaranteed!!

If purchased at supply store then that is up to them (if home supply store just tell them defective part).

Hey, just hoping it is as simple as replacing the defective cartridge...*crossing fingers*.

Keep us posted.

herbill 07-21-2011 10:53 AM

moen leaks
moen is really gives me the run-around. I have been through 7 cartridges for a positemp 2520 still same exact leak 1/2 - 1 gal a day. this is a brand new valve. moen is sending me the eighth cartridge today at wits end.

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