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Mamalera 05-02-2011 11:25 AM

New laundry hookup in Kitchen

I am looking to set up a new laundry station next to my dishwasher in my kitchen, and wanted to find out if it is feasable to share the dishwasher hot/cold water hookup and the drain with the washer.

I live in a house built in the mid 70's(1975/6) and I am in Toronto, Canada.

Also, is this something I as a diy newbie can do, or should I pay a proffesional. How much would it cost to share the the drain and water, and how much should it cost to do a new setup all together. A ballpark cost is good, just want to plan it properly.

Thanks any help will appreciated.


canadaclub 05-02-2011 11:32 AM

That all depends on handy you are! A lot depends on he configuration of the cabinets and plumbing. No one can give you a cost without actually seeing it.


Mamalera 05-02-2011 12:54 PM

Hi Dave,

Well I'm just about to take out the old dishwasher and there are no cabinets next to it, it's at the end of my counter so there is minimun conflict there. However, when I tipped the dishwasher over all I see are two black pipes and an electrical wire going down to the basement through the floor.

I will post some pics as soon as I figure out how to, maybe that will help.

I am just looking for an estimate of setting up a simple and straight foward washer and dryer hook up, to get a general idea of the typical cost involved.


canadaclub 05-02-2011 01:06 PM may be helpful. Also you need to say whether the dryer is gas or electric. Pricing will still be difficult as 1)you would have to map out a route for the electrical. 2) is the basement below finished and 3) determine where the dryer vent would be installed. Also, I know costs can vary between areas. They even vary within the GTA.


AllanJ 05-04-2011 04:02 PM

The washing machine needs its own drain with trap, 2 inches in diameter at least.

The vertical end into which you insert the washing machine hose must be at least 18 inches above the trap, or higher if needed so that if for some reason the water level got too high, it woudl overflow from the washer before overflowing from the drain. The hose must have a loose fit into the drain and must not be extended or spliced.

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