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forresth 08-31-2010 09:24 PM

"new" house. bathroom is a disaster
The bathroom in my newly aquired house is a disaster.

the bad:
The toilet...lets not go there, its getting replaced even though it is functional. it is also right beside the door. the tub is right next to it on the other side.
the sink had its water supply turned off by the previous owner. guessing the faucet is shot.
the shower drain is clogged, and the shower leaks into the basement.
shower faucet drips.
overall layout is crap.
there is a hole drilled in the floor (its not just rot that broke through). I think maybe the previous owner was planning on putting in a laundry room in the unused corner, but couldn't get the machines through the door.
speaking of the door, its 2' x 6'. I think the door was shortened to make it fit in with the rather low ceiling, maybe about 7'

the good:
its pretty darn big for a house dating back to the 20s or earlier. I think it may be a converted bedroom or at least part of one. 9' x 9' is a guess
it has a tub and a shower.
the tub looks ok apart from being dirty.

how hard would it be to reposition the toilet?
I'm assuming I'd just cut the old cast iron pipe and replace with large diameter PVC. pluss all the floor and subfloor work. Basement layout may severly limit repositioning. I'll have to look into it.

any sugestions or pointers for a bathroom redo on the cheap?
I don't have loads of money to throw at the problem, and we'd like to be living there before too long.

I'm a big guy, and I like a roomy shower. I think the shower might have to be a custom job. we have lots of 12" square marble tile left over from a previous failed DIY project. I'm woried it might be a bit slick for the floor, but maybe the walls.

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