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Prolow 09-17-2012 06:10 AM

New Boiler for an Office - Got Two Quotes, but What Do We Need?
Having used various forums before, when the problem came up in my office of having to get a new boiler fitted, I suggested we check with you guys.

The powers that be have had two companies in, been given two quotes. One's for 4,600 and the other 9,995. Now obviously the cheaper one calls out, but none of us really have a clue as to whether that's going to be a big enough/decent enough boiler.

We're in a big old (but modernised) building, two stories. One company downstairs and one upstairs, each floor has a set of toilets, a small kitchen, and say 10 radiators on each floor. The boiler is in the attic, so requires lifting up there externally.

I'll post the two quotes below, could anyone please shed some light on what would be required? Any advice that doesn't come from someone who wants money out of it, is going to be most helpful for us!

Quote A

Thorough clean of existing heating system using propriety power flushing machine with chemical cleaning additives.
This is a requirement under the British Standards and also a requirement to ensure that the manufacturers warrantee is not invalidated. 600.00

Drain down and disconnection/removal of existing boiler, existing flue and redundant header tank etc. 150.00

Alter pipework as required and install low loss header and associated pipework. 240.00

Alter pipework as required and install 35ltr pressure vessel c/w associated filling loop and safety discharge pipework. 240.00

Construction of metal framework to carry new boiler and installation of new boiler in similar location to existing boiler to include installation of new vertical flue through roof and all associated gas, condensate and primary water connections. 480.00

Modify as required electrical connections and connect existing heating system to new boiler.
See Note 4 below. 120.00

Correct existing pump installation, replace corroded auto air vent and faulty dial temperature gauge. 60.00

Total of labour.

Vaillant Ecotec 46kW boiler: 1,824.00
2 x vertical flue extension: 57.60
Vertical flue terminal assembly: 142.80
Flashing kit: 56.40
Low loss header assembly: 210.00
1 pipe fittings: 86.40
Copper pipe and fittings: 115.36
condensate pipework, waste adapter and fittings: 13.19
Expansion vessel: 79.69
Filling loop and safety discharge kit: 68.81
Auto air vent: 8.32
Temperature gauge: 44.16
3m of pipe insulation: 7.60
Total of materials.
Grand Total.
Quote B:

Drain down system and de-commission existing Potterton Kingfisher 2
Dismantle existing boiler in order to safely lower from plant room area.
Move new boiler and associated parts to plant room (requires lifting
Install new boiler on purposes provided frame including low loss header.
Couple up new boiler to existing pipe work (steel screwed pipe work).
Supply and install replacement pump to suit new boiler.
Install new chimney stack system to suit new boiler, with pitched roof
Flashing kit.
New isolating valves to be installed between boiler and existing pipe work.
Wire up new boiler to existing control system.
Fill system and pressure test.
Commission system.
Gas Safety Certificate to be issued on completion.

Note : The total cost includes the hire of stair lifting equipment, lifting
equipment to plant area, waste removal and the purchase of all new

Wall mounted Commercial Worcester Bosch Boiler, purpose provided frame,
which includes low loss header and pump set. Roof terminal with pitched roof
flashing kit, chimney flue and brackets. Steel pipe, copper pipe, insulation, pipe
fixtures and fittings, condensate pump. All electrical works. All access equipment.
Water treatment. Waste disposal.

Boiler/ Wall mounting frame incl. low loss header pump
set & fixing kit 4,230.83
Chimney/flue/roof flashing slate/pitched roof kit/unistrut
screws & fixings 600.00
Steel tube/copper tube/threading machine/fittings & valves 450.00
Lifting equipment 800.00
Waste disposal 115.00
Electrical works 300.00
Sub total 6,495.83
Labour 3,500.00
Sub total 9,995.83
VAT @ 20% 1999.17
Total 11,995.00

I see it as Quote B being a bigger, better boiler, but would that really warrant double the labour charge? Would we really need the bigger boiler?

Any advice, interpretation, ideas, anything gladly accepted



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