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ordoro 11-12-2008 11:03 PM

New bathroom: rough-in arrangement suggestions
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About to start building a new bathroom in my basement but I don't think I have figured everything out! The house was roughed-in by the builder but some things just make no sense and I'm not sure how to get around them.

The drain/vent pipe for the sink is located between the tub drain and the toilet drain (see pic and floorplan). The sink doesn't fit (and I don't want it) there so I want to pull an extension to the other side of the toilet. This drain is also about 8" from the exterior wall so I will need to put a T towards the wall and then bend right to get to the sink going behind toilet. The problem I have is that with the toilet being at only 17" from the exterior wall, I only have 5" for the finished wall + the drain for the sink. So I'm not sure how to get the drain over to where I need it!

Any ideas??? Thanks!!!

JDC 11-12-2008 11:28 PM

5" is plenty of room for you to stud out a wall. The studs are 3-5/8" plus your 1/2" drywall leaves you with 7/8" to spare. Thats enough room to even put tile on the wall if you want. You just drill your studs and run your 1-1/2" fixture arm through them. Now depending on the code you fall under, you need to be sure your trap to vent distance falls within set parameters. Here an 1-1/2" trap has to be within 5' of the vent while an 1-1/4" trap has to be within 4'. If your trap winds up too far from the vent you'll need to throw a vent in closer to the lav and back vent it to the stack.

It also looks as if your lav stack will be outside your stud wall. You can either break up a little concrete and move it back into your wall or box it out with a fake column. According to your drawing it looks like you'd have to room for the box out column without any difficulties.

There are a couple of other ways I can think of to run this, but I'm taking Vicodin right now for pain and its late so my brain is in slo-mo. This should give you a starting point though.

Good luck

ordoro 11-13-2008 12:04 AM

Thanks JDC! I didn't think I could drill 1.5" holes on the studs to pass the drain through so that answers my question. Yes, I plan to build a column around the vent stack.

But moving over to the tub drain....I am guessing the tub drain doesn't have a p-trap under it and that it is not vented but one of my neighbors tells me he finished his bathroom, and simply set the tub on the drain (no vent, no p-trap). Inspector was ok with it and hasn't had bad smells (granted, not used much). Does this sound right? If not, I take it I need to break the concrete around the shower drain and put my p-trap in there? Any suggestions on how big of a hole is needed?


zosoplumber 11-20-2008 07:36 PM

That drain for your shower should have a P-trap below under the concrete, and its probrably wet vented by your lavatory. A simple way to check for a p-trap is cut cap off of drain, pour water down pipe ( a gallon), then take something hallow and long, like a piece of pex piping, just something that will reach to the bottom of the pipe, then simply blow in it, you should hear water bubbbling if there is a p-trap down there.:wink:

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