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tns1 10-30-2013 10:51 PM

new bath faucet with flow restriction
I just picked up a new Delta bathroom sink faucet (three piece style). Some parts such as the valves appear well built, but other parts do not. One item is the spigot supply pipe is not brazed or epoxied in, but is a very loose slip fit with a single o-ring. Another is the valve & spigot are connected by a three-way hose with white plastic snap-on connectors instead of threaded metal fittings. I have never seen this type of fitting and I'll bet it is specific to Delta. There also appears to be flow restriction built into these connectors rather than just at the aerator. No easy way to drill it out either. This is a real annoyance since that bathroom already has hot water issues due to long runs and restricted flow. Before this turns into a rant about Big Brother, can anyone vouch for the longevity of these new designs, or should I look elsewhere?

TheEplumber 10-30-2013 11:21 PM

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The connection methods are not specific to Delta, other top brand names use simalar methods. I have had no problems with them- except an occasional pinched o-ring caused by installer error
Flow restrictions are due to water conservations laws...... they don't want them removed.

tns1 11-18-2013 12:19 AM

I have installed the faucet in question. The water flow is fine for a bathroom sink, so the hose restrictors do not seem unreasonable. If this were a kitchen sink, I might complain.

Looking at specs for different brand sink faucets shows flow rates that vary from 1.8gpm to 2.5gpm. I would have thought all the restrictors would be standardized to one value. Anyway, I purchased one of the higher flow faucets for my future kitchen remodel in case the flow rate standards go to even lower by the time I start the project.

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