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Need water please help

Hi i live in alberta canada and about five days ago my wife started to lose water pressure at home from our drilled well. I am away at work and cant help. we had a plumber come by that we have used before who tested the capacitor in the pressure tank room and said it was done so my wife bought a new one and put it in but still no luck. all the basics were checked and seem fine. Today a local water well company came by and insisted it was the pump and replaced it but still no luck. They also pressure tested down hole and it was instantly 100psi and held so they say that they have ruled out any down hole issues. There is still some water coming in but poor pressure. The guage is reading about 12psi and usually reads 50-60psi. about two weeks before we also had a test done for recovery rate where they flowed the well for an hour because there was a drilling rig near by and it was a requirment of the government. The results were great with minimal water drop. the only other thing we have done differently latley was start up the heated auto waterer for the horses but my wife shut it down recently cause it wasnt needed at the moment. the waterer was empty at the time the breaker was shut off but the gate valve underneath was not closed. there is currently no sign of water up there. The weather is atleast -10 and has been as cold as -25 but we have never had any issues with frozen pipes at the house and have been in much colder weather. The only other thing i can think of is that the pressure tank was replaced just under a year ago it is the well rite by flexcon. Please help this is getting expensive and my wife and kids have very little water. The next thing they want to do is dig up the yard they are just waiting to see if any water comes to surface first. the well and all applicable underground piping was done around 1976 and also the psi inside the p.tank in top was 24psi. thanks


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Check the circuit breaker

Try clicking the circuit breaker off, then on again. If it's defective, you may only be getting 110v to the pressure switch rather than the full 220v. When the plumber tested it, it may have been reading the full 220v, but after shutting it off to replace the capacitor and turning it back on again, it could now be sending just 110v to the pressure switch. This might also explain why the old capacitor failed as well. If it works, your breaker needs to be replaced as it could be a fire hazard.

I had a similar problem with an 80gal electric water heater once. Good luck.


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they should be able to press test between well and house intead of digging first. one half of your breaker could be failing as it heats up
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I suspect you have a frozen or partially frozen water line.

Or a gate or washer type valve that has broken closing off some flow.

That assumes no water filter or softener that has blocked up. Or faucet tip aerators.
Gary Slusser
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