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irishtimes101 08-31-2006 01:04 PM

Need to support 15th of ABS pipe
hello - I have a washer/dryer combo in my kitchen. I drilled a hole through my kitchen tile and I am running the washer waste pipe from the washer through the kitchen floor and into an ABS pipe.

I have a piece of ABS pipe that is 15feet long. One end of the pipe is 'T'ed in to the main waste pipe in my basement (the T is 4 foot of the ground), on the other end of the 15 foot pipe (which is running horizontal across the basement floor that is 4 foot of the basement floor) I have attached an elbow that will have a pipe extending from it, and where the washer waste pipe enters into.

How do I support this 15foot pipe, that runs from the main waste pipe in the basement to where I have attached the elbow? And is there a standard where I need to support this pipe evey 4 foot or something like that????

Does that kinda make sense - lol, any help would be appreciated.

chickenboo 08-31-2006 03:09 PM

I'm not a plumber, but Is the pipe running against a wall? If so, I would imagine you could just use plastic pipe strapping or plastic clips attached to the wall to support it. As far as how often to apply support, I really don't know. Don't you also need to pitch the pipe 1/4" / foot towards the main stack? If so, then the end with your elbow should be at least 4 foot 3.75 inches from the floor. I'd also imagine you would need a p-trap instead of that elbow. Also, being that far away, won't you need separate venting for that p-trap?

Again, I'm not a plumber, so all this info may be wrong, but this info is what I've gathered from reading various plumbing books and how-tos.

Ron The Plumber 08-31-2006 05:52 PM

According to UPC Code support every 4'

irishtimes101 09-01-2006 11:09 AM

Thanks for the info, yea I said elbow just to make my description a little easier to understand. I have a P-trap (where I said the elbow was), and I also have a cheater valve in the middle of the 15foot pipe. I the pipe is approximately 2 inches from the wall. What I have decide to do is to make a wooded support and when I am putting my studs up I will then anchor the pipe to the stud wall frame. Thanks for the help!!!! Yea 4foot looks and sounds right - thanks

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