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yohan 09-21-2007 08:39 PM

Need some help with this Faucet Install
Ok here's the story ....

Started out of a past roommate knew a guy who quoted me cheapy cheapy to do a bathroom install in my basement, he did the framing (which sucked isn't square walls aren't level) ran my water lines and drains (which luckily didnt leak) and then he disapeared for a long time. something along the lines of jail or car broke or had to go back home xx hours away .. fortunately I didn't pay this guy much in advance.

Long story short, he put up drywall and installed a neo angle shower base and fitted the drain.. in his absence I decided against the neo angle, started to google and found this site and continued on with the project myself. Left most as is, chopped the bottom half of the aqua board out, put in a 34x48" fiberglass shower base, filled in with wonderboard, redguarded, put on tile, (dont kill me, I used mastic omnigrip).

Now i get to the point where it's time to cut the tile that's left before grout, tonight I dug up the old moen faucet and did a test fit .. uh oh ..

Heres the pictures of whats been done ...
^ i dont want to talk about why the 2x4 brace is black .. has to do with him not having all his tools and using his torch to melt off the pex fitting when he was installing it almost 2 years ago.

so as we can see, the handle isn't fitting flush with the plate, as I assume it should be, as far as depth is concerned, am I correct to believe the plasterguard should be pushed in and flush with the drywall?

If this is the case, what route forward should I take?

What's done is done, I just want to finish this before Oct 1, it was started october 2005 ...

skymaster 09-21-2007 10:37 PM

plasterguard GETS THROWN AWAY! tile should be even with its surface as it shows, toss it, then put trim palte etc

yohan 09-21-2007 11:03 PM

I did, I put that picture so its more visible how far out the valve is placed.

there's an inch+ gap between the handle and the plate, shouldn't it be flush?

skymaster 09-21-2007 11:11 PM

yes it should, I trust all the tile is done, trim plate is NOT over tightened, check there has to be dirt or something blocking the hole on the handle, look for the setscrew that tightens the handle and make shure you do not have it screwed into the hole too much, back it out and handle may just slide to where it is meant to be

yohan 05-24-2008 04:21 PM

I'll follow up with my solution from long ago I got this finished about a week later, I punched out the piece of wood that it was supported on and let it dangle via the PEX piping, I put spacers ont he screws between the tap and face plate then siliconed the face plate to the tile to hold it ... a bit sketchy but it worked... If i were to do it over, i'd have drilled with a spade to make the tap fit more flush into the piece of wood, tihs would've given me another half inch and made it tolerable. now it fits with maybe 1/4" visible from the handle to trim piece.

I redid the one upstairs, just let it stick out .. it works meh.

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