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Need help with kitchen sink disaster.

I noticed a small pole of water leaking from under my cabinet today. I opened it up only to see giant puddles of black water everywhere. My pipe had burst and it was a huge mess.

So I go down to the hardware store to get some parts, and they gave me a P-Trap (I think I'm saying that right, the pipe that looks like a backwards J), a wrench, and some putty. I go home and attempt to install the new P-trap. The left hand bolts come off fine, but when I go to remove the right hand ones, EVERYTHING CRUMBLES!

I couldn't believe what happened, I didn't mean to make things worse. Now the pipe that was connecting to it is totally destroyed as well and I don't know what to do. I am terrified and I don't want to live like this. What do I have to do? Please help me.


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There are no left hand threads in plumbing, all threads are righty tighty, lefty loosey. But they are often corroded, as is the mess in your pics. I would replace everything from the sink(new tail piece and popup) to the wall, or at least to the galvanized nipples. The pipes look like 1 1/4 for a bathroom sink?? I would also replace the galvanized, but they are likely rusted and VERY tight. They are also probably half clogged, especially at the wall elbow. Basically, replaced what is there, but I usually use PVC. Slower to clog, easy to assemble and service later. Won't corrode.


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1. Change the next pipe, it is called a trap arm. Use all new washers and nuts.
2. Stop using acid. The pipes in the wall will fail next.
3. If you consider regular household repairs terrifying how will you feel when a plumber has to tear out the cabinet and open up the wall to fix the pipes that are leaking inside the wall?
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I've never used "putty" on the P-trap. Use all new washers and don't wrench the new parts on super tight. Put it together, put a bucket underneath and check for leaks.
Might want to check the traps in the bath, too. If they look like those, they will fail soon.
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As "Just Bill" stated, replace everything. In your third photo, go back to the "nut" that is on the twisted trap arm, loosen it completely, then gently twist the trap arm pipe to remove it from the drain pipe within the wall. Remove all the sink basket piping, throw all that stuff away, get new material and replace all.
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Replace everything new

Go to Home Depot or any plumbing store, and replace the entire thing. Instead of brass or any other metal, I highly recommend to use PVCs pipes. Do not buy pre-packaged pvc drains, it has to be custom made with selection of 1/2 inch pipes. They can be cut and fitted. Anyone at Home depot can help you with this. Working with this project depends on your persistence, and require some level of expertise.

Things happen and we learn from each episode. Genuine plumbers are very hard to find. But, if you think you cannot handle this, let a professional do it.

Good luck with your project.


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