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BrewinBend 09-22-2013 06:30 PM

Need help to install new acrylic bathtub
I am installing my new acrylic bathtub (American Standard 7236L) and I am confused about the order.

I know I have to pour a bed of mortar to secure the tub. But I also need to connect the overflow/drain assembly, which will run under the subfloor. Once I have connected it, the tub will be in place, and I won't then be able to pour the mortar. If, on the other hand, I pour the mortar first, how will I keep it from falling through the holes in the subfloor that I have cut for my drain pipes, and won;t the mortar get in the way of connecting the drain assembly?

Any advice would be appreciated.

TheEplumber 09-22-2013 06:50 PM

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You typically don't need to cover the whole area in mortar.
Here is the process I use on a weekly basis to set tubs in mortar-

Dry fit the tub to be certain every thing is going to fit- Verify approximately how thick the mortar needs to be. Install tub ledgers if needed.

With tub out of the opening- if possible, assemble the waste/overflow assembly on the tub before setting.

Mix mortar in a 5 gal bucket. It needs to be a little on the wet side, but able to stand up without slumping too much.
Place "cowpies" of mortar down the center of the tub base on the floor- Make sure they are a couple inches higher than the thickness needed.

Now you can set the tub onto the mortar and press and wiggle it into position. The excess mortar should ooze out as you press down.
Check for level and skirting contact to the floor and secure it to the studs.

Now you can go below and hook up the drain.

dannyoung85 09-22-2013 06:55 PM

I typically mix the mortar so it is on the dry side that way when you pour it on the floor it doesn't go everywhere. So what you need to do is pour the mortar on the floor, set the unit, then hook up your drain/overflow while the mortar is still wet so you have a little wiggle room in case your plumbing rough-in is a little off. This part of the process is a piece of cake, I always dreaded when it came time to cut the side wall of the unit for the shower valve.

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