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jin 07-07-2012 09:40 AM

NEED HELP with AC/ water pump system
Hi all, been reading on this site for some time,
but this is first time posting for me :) !great forums !!!

I am going a DIY AC system in my new house that is giving me some headaches right now ..

The system consists of the following :

-Furnace rad 20X20 through which liquid is recirculated
( fans draw air through this rad for all of the rooms in the house )
-1000liters ( 250g ) reservoir that is used as energy stockage
( pure water for now until i get it working 100% )
- 1X 600' 6'deep loop of 1/2 pex + 1X1000' 6' deep loop for geo water cooling

using 3 grundfos recir pumps to make it all happen
2 for the geo are high pressure recirc
and 1 is a higher volume adjustable pump to circulate liquid from reservoir through the rad

i'll post a picture in the next post to help show the system setup

so now i am having many different problems

first off, only 1 of the geo section pump is working 100%,
the other one i was never able to get it to work properly ( almost no flow...finished by heating the pump so i shut it off ..may be a bad pump? all new ones )

and i have much much hard time to get the rad pump to start off..
but once it is working after ~30 mins of slow circulation, it looks like it manages to move the air or something and starts working properly ..but very hard to get it to start everytime ..even after using a vacuum system
but i might have used it at the wrong place neway

also using 60' of 3/4" cop pipe to have all incoming water cool the reservoir some everytime we use water in the house ( works very very good when using shower ) but this system is working 100% as it is very simple

been using tap water pressure to "bleed" the geo system without much luck
on the second one ( worked 100% on the running one )

i'll psot pics now and let you guys ask questions about setup
since it is proably not very clear from my description

thanks in advance :)

jin 07-07-2012 09:45 AM

2 Attachment(s)
here are quick pictures i took last night i believe..will get more later i am at work this morning :(

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