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JeffWireman 03-12-2010 11:18 AM

Need advice on fixing a leaky elbow on waterline below sink.
Hello again,

I just finished replacing the shut off valves beneath the bathroom sink and have discovered that the elbow(inside the wall) joining the cold water line coming up from beneath the house to the line coming out of the wall and connecting to the valve has a small leak (the new valves are fine - they do not leak - just the elbow inside the wall). The leak is on the side facing down. The leak is not due to it being old- I just put the new elbow in a couple days ago and apparently didn't get enough glue on the joint or it didn't set up right.

The area I'm working in is very tight - I had to cut out a 2.5in hole in the baseboard -just enough to get some access to the elbow.

I'm debating on whether to attempt to just seal the leak with Loctite Plastic bond epoxy or whether to attempt redoing the elbow somehow. This where it gets tricky.

I'm looking at 3 options that I can see on a redo here:

1) Cut out a huge section of the baseboard and install a new elbow. This would require that I saw the line coming up from the floor off several inches below the elbow and put in a small section of pipe with a coupler - this would be necessary in order to keep the new line coming out of the wall at the correct height to connect to the shutoff valve.

2) Cutting a small section of the baseboard out would allow me enough room to saw off the elbow right at the top and maybe attach a flex hose from that point - so skip the elbow and attach flex hose on the pipe coming up from the floor and join that to the shutoff valve pipe.

3) Or - Go underneath the house and run a whole new section up through the floor. This would save cutting out any sections of the baseboard.

Any experienced opinions on the best way to handle this would be greatly appreciated. Maybe there's an option I'm not seeing here.



drtbk4ever 03-12-2010 11:22 AM

What material is the water line, copper, pex, or something else?

JeffWireman 03-12-2010 11:39 AM

The line is cpvc

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