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Mystery leak!!!

Hey, this has me STUMPED! It's a 1955 beam and berm house with original half inch copper lines.

Had a leak in the wall for the HOT water faucet in the bathroom sink. I put a new line in....bypassing the old line as it was too difficult to get out of the wall.

I cut the hot water line below the leak, installed a new fitting and line and ran it to the faucet.

Problem is ....the old line still DRIPS!! What is up with that? It is a slow drip but does not seem to want to stop. The length of line is only about 36 inches from where I cut the line and the sink. It does NOT lead under the sink...just from where I cut the line underneath the house.

Years ago there was a hot water heater in a CLOSET 5 feet from the sink. Two copper lines come down from that closet and disappear into the ground.

Could this be ANY connection?

The old hot water line feels like it might be connected to something in the wall but it might be just a support I is hidden in that wall.

Could there be a hook up of some kind with the old hot water heater line that has been sealed off?

This steady drip from a severed line has got me stumped.

Thank you for any suggestions that I might try.



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If this will help maybe it will offer a "clue" to someone that can put it together.........

Before I changed out the hot water line there was a leak.

The leak was a minimal drip...just enough to be "nasty" under the faucet area.

When I was under the house I had a helper turn on the hot water faucet.

The leak increased TEN TIMES with the hot water faucet on.

The leak was NOT at the connections under the sink.

A piece of galvanized pipe comes from about a FOOT into the wall to the sink area.

Copper line comes down to the ground underneath the house, one for the hot and one for the cold.

These lines are about a foot into the wall from the sink area.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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If you ran a new line for the hot water and cut the old line can't you shut off the old line back closer to where it starts? Or disconnect it, I am assuming that you know where this old line comes from even if it comes out of the wall? I am not familiar with a post and berm style house. The old hot water heater is out of the closet or wall right? I think you really need to figure out which lines feed from where and are active and work at disconnecting any old lines that are not in use so you do not have water leaking continuously.
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Thanks Mike.....I will look for the old line. There are two copper lines coming down from where the water heater used to be connected about 40 years ago.

The problem is that all this stuff is inside the flooring of the house. One of those lines that go to the old water heater area might still be connected to the hot and cold faucet in the bathroom.

Thanks for the info and I will check it tomorrow and see if I can find a line to shut off.

If I find the line I plan on using a sharkbite to stop the water flow. Does this sound ok?

Thanks again.
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