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stencil 10-18-2011 11:27 AM

Multiple PEX manifold question
Hello, a PEX question: Iím replacing the old galvanized pipe in my house (built 1959, never updatedÖ) with PEX. The house is about 40 feet long, with the water main entering at one end of the house, the hot water heater/laundry/kitchen in the middle of the house, and three bathrooms (master suite, master bath, & basement bath) all at the far end of the house, right next to each other (the master suite and master bath share a wall and the basement bath is directly underneath). I was planning on installing my PEX manifold near the hot water heater and running the home-runs to each fixture from there, but that means running 15 lines bout 15 to 20 feet across the house to feed all the appliances in the bathrooms. The joists run perpendicular to the direction of these pipe runs, so I canít just bundle them and run them through the joist space, Iíll have to attach each one to the bottom of the joists, or run them through the joists, both of which would be a lot of work.
So, my question is: can I install two manifolds, one near the hot water heater (call it mani-1) and one near the bathrooms (mani-2) and just run hot and cold supply lines from mani-1 to feed mani-2? Or will that be effectively like feeding a bunch of appliances off of one line with a bunch of Ts (or does that even matter?)?
Thanks for any help in advance!

Ishmael 10-18-2011 05:22 PM

Yes, but make sure it's allowed by your local codes. I think some cities/town want the manifolds to be readily accessible, while others let you run PEX exactly like any other piping method - larger mains to the bathroom groups with tees/branches to the fixtures in remote locations.

ben's plumbing 10-19-2011 08:33 PM

yes make sure of your local codes and make sure you size it right....well or city water?

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