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MLO 02-02-2006 01:42 PM

Moving water heater indoors...
I am planning a re-model that will involve most of the plumbing and associated appliances. My plans involve bringing the water heater inside to a laundry room and installing it in a corner enclosure. I will be going from nat. gas to an electric tank.

This will drastically reduce my plumbing runs as it is currently 20ft. from the nearest point of use and 40ft. from the furthest point of use. It will also greatly simplify replacing my entire plumbing (65 yr. old home) and clean up the garage to possibly use for parking.

Can someone elaborate on what kind of specs a framed and sheetrocked corner enclosure would need?

I was hoping to literally be able to have minimal side clearance with 6"-8" clearance above the tank for supply/feed lines. I was thinking of installing it on a pan and simply having a emergency drain into the crawl space with the pressure relief being plumbed to the outside.

Mike Swearingen 02-04-2006 01:33 AM

Check with your Building Inspection Department for local codes, permits and inspection requirements. You'll need permits for this anyway.
Personally, I would use a portable folding screen of some type, rather than box in a water heater. They can get difficult to remove and re-install, and you're just adding something else to be damaged by water (not if, when).
Good luck!

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