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Wyomoming 10-26-2011 01:30 AM

moving washing machine, sink and dryer
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We have remodeled our laundry room to expand its size and now need to shuffle the appliances around on the same wall where they have been. I'm going to attempt to attach a photo. The dryer needs to move 6.5 feet away from its gas hook up and vent (vent in its previoius position went directly through brick wall outside). I'd like to move the washer next to dryer (which requires moving it about 27 inches over). Electrical has already been moved. However, moving the washer will cover up the plumbing for the sink and will leave the recessed washer valves exposed over the top of where I would like to put a nice in -counter sink. I received a quote today to move the plumbing, dryer vent and gas line. The problem is that the quote was $3,000. I'm hoping someone can advise me of another way. I did ask the heating/plumbing guy who gave me the quote how much it would be to only move the dryer vent and gas line ($1,000). Then I would just leave the washer and sink where they were - not ideal but better than a huge expense. However, I'm wondering if I could just increase the size of the gas line and/or dryer vent? I would also love to know if anyone can think of a more economical way to still switch the places of the washer and sink. Thank you! :)

Ishmael 10-26-2011 07:45 AM

Get estimates from other plumbers and compare.

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