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orvym 11-21-2008 11:21 AM

Moving Washer in Utility Room
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I want to move my Washer from one corner of a wall over to another corner which is about 4-5 feet away, as part of a remodel we are doing. I cannot change the place of my current drain pipes going into the ground without tearing up the floor, etc, therefore I was trying to find out if I can move the washer over to its new location, and place two 2" pipes coming from the top of the washer and have them both slant 45% down to the current Drain for the washer (see attached diagram).

My question is will this work without me having to move the drain and/or will I have any water flow issues, etc..?

bradnailer 11-21-2008 11:46 AM

Looks like a really bad idea from a couple of points. First in the existing drain, there should be a p-trap and vent stack which could possibly be above where you are trying to tie in the new lines. Without the p-trap, you will get sewer gasses in the house. Secondly, if this is a load bearing wall, you are talking about cutting the middle out of four or five studs which could give you some grief structurally. Without actually seeing the room, it's hard to give a good suggestion.

zosoplumber 11-21-2008 05:40 PM

I would just cut the wall open, find the p-trap and cut the rising pipe fron p-trap(the drain) wich should be attached to your "washing machine box", remove hole thing, also cut water lines. use a 2" 90 and run new drain from above p-trap to new location, if the run is over 4' you will have to cut in a vent before 90 up to new location of washer. then simply run vent and tie in to old vent. The most work you will have to do is drilling some 2" holes and holes for the water lines

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