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diskywalker 02-27-2009 10:53 AM

moving washer to garage
I want to move my washer to the garage. I need to know how to find out how to do it by code (internet web site for county doesnt explain very well what you are allowed to do) and what would be the best configuration for my house. I have questions like: can I run the used laundry water to a hole in the ground that has rocks or do I HAVE to connect it to my main sewer line?
Can I connect the waste line from the garage via an exterior pipe back over to the existing water waste line in the inside laundry rm.?
OR do I have to dig a trench around to the front of my house and distroy my driveway to hook up to the main sewer?
Can I run a water waste line to the street gutters?
I have had 3 plumbers out and all have given me a different version ,so now I am leary and would like to find out for myself which is correct, if that is possible. Should I contact a sewer company to map out sewer line or should there be a scematic drawing of this down at the utility company?
Please is there anyone who can advise me?
Thanks Dianne

majakdragon 02-27-2009 11:56 AM

The best place to check is your local Building Code office. This is where permits are issued. Most areas allow "gray water" (which is any water without human waste in it) to be dumped outside the home. Since washer drains contain lots of lint, I doubt you can run it to the street gutters. Many people divert sink and washer drains out to their gardens. A French drain ( a hole filled with stones) may also be an option. I am assuming that you live in an area where the winter temperatures will not cause freezing of water supply and drainlines.

diskywalker 02-28-2009 11:10 AM

Thank you for responding
I live in Florida in a close knit housing community, I think my yard is about 1/4acre. The plumbers who have been out have talked about french drains but advise me not to let my neighbors know (I dont know why). This alone makes me think I HAVE to connect to the main sewer. We are on city water/sewer here. Sewer/water lines run to front of house toward the street and I want my washer to be at the wall of the garage at the rear of the house. Also plumbers want to use CPVC pipe(instead of copper because its cheaper) for hot/cold water lines spliced off my gas water heater copper lines and run new lines up in attic over to spot in garage. Is this type of pipe safe from water leaks down the road or should I have the plumber run pipes in copper? Thank you for all your help

II Weeks 02-28-2009 01:01 PM

if you could give a rough overhead drawing of your home and where the garage is where the sewer line is, we might be better able to help.

is there a basement, crawlspace?

and the PEX piping theyre talking about is safe. I wouldnt worry about it.

diskywalker 03-01-2009 12:24 AM

My home sits on a solid concrete foundation with no crawl space. The last plumber talked about chopping up the floor of my house from the garage all the way to the kitchen sink. Needless to say I was not at all crazy about that idea. As far as where the sewer lines are, that I'll have to go down to the building dept. next week to see if I can get a lay out of the sewer configurations in my neighborhood. The piping that was suggested to use for this job was CPVC pipe(alot like ridgid PVC except yellow) which according to the books and pictures I have seen is entirely different than PEX piping(flexible polyethylene piping). I'll also have to work on drawing you a picture of a floor/plumbing/sewer plan.
Thanks again for any and all help

majakdragon 03-01-2009 10:43 AM

One of the reasons the Plumbers have said not to let the neighbors know about it is purely mental attitude. The "thought" of waste water not going to the sewer and laying in the yard makes people think there will be a strong odor. As previously stated, check the Code office. Look around the foundation of your home. When I lived in Florida, a cleanout was required within a foot or so of the foundation. Then "sight" a line from it to the vent coming out the roof. This will give you an idea of the main drain pipe of the house. Florida has more codes than any other State I have worked in, so it is always better to check before doing. CPVC pipe is safe, but I always [prefer copper. Quite a bit higher in cost though.

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