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chrisreeve 10-05-2004 03:23 PM

Moving hot water tank from bathroom
I wish to move the hot water cylinder and cold water header tank from the bathroom, into the attic, to create more space. There is already a header tank for the central heating in the attic. I intend to buy new tanks, lay the plumbing down and reconnect the system in one go(discarding the old tank and header) thereby creating minimum disruption.
Is this possible and what are the possible pitfalls?

MgMopar 10-06-2004 12:47 PM


I am not the most qualified to answer your question. Some of the other members may be more familiar with your system. I would think one major draw back is if the system ever leaked in the attic would course more damage and may go unnoticed longer until damage is worsened by mold and such. I would think this type of risk could be reduced with some kind of safety drain tray (similar to those used with washing machines). In my area the winters get cold this could be an issue to take into consideration. If your cold water holding tank is in the attic it also may make cold water very warm in the summer months. The only other issue coming to me at the moment. Make sure you take in consideration of the added weight of the water when locating them. Just off hand I think water is about 7lb a gallon so this will add weight really quickly. Probably would be best mounted above a support wall. If unsure be sure to get advice on you specific location.;)

Stefan 04-09-2005 10:31 AM


The answer is YES, you can achieve your goal. You must first build a 100 x 50mm base with a 25mm WPB ply-wood decking. This must be fixed onto the existing ceiling joists and be place over a wall, i.e. not in the middle of a ceiling span.

You MUST also insulate all the pipe work (unless your using plastic 'push-fit'). Tanks must be insulated and get a new thermal jacket for you hot cylinder.

Easily acheived in 2 days.

Good luck

dirkgently 04-11-2005 10:24 AM


Originally posted by Stefan

You MUST also insulate all the pipe work (unless your using plastic 'push-fit'). Tanks must be insulated and get a new thermal jacket for you hot cylinder.

In the U.K even plastic pipes must be insulated.

chrisreeve 04-11-2005 11:08 AM

Moving hot water tank.
Thanks to all who replied. I have bought a new cylinder and positioned it in the attic over a structural wall and 'hung' the cold water tanks from the main roof joists. This means there is no unecessary weight on the ceiling. I used Speedfit plastic fittings which were excellent and which I also insulated.
There have been no problems and it has allowed me to fit a shower in the bathroom where the tanks were originally situated.

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