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bdaub 05-18-2010 05:49 PM

More plumbing diagram help
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I put on a post last week and got back a few suggestions with regards to the necessity for all of the vents and a number of comments which related to distances of fixtures which were not necessarily contained to scale in the first document. I decided that I would lay out the drain lines and the vent take offs on the 3 floors of this home in floor plan style (plumbing3floors.pdf). I am keeping the greywater lines (green) separate from the blackwater lines (blue) so that when government sees the light that I will be ready to use greywater for outside irrigation. Anyways, there is also a separate garage building which is plumbed and the lines from that will connect in the basement slab of the home. The basement walls are ICF blocks and the building is a log home so using outside walls is not much of an option. I have several questions.
1) In the basement bathroom area, I have circuit vented 4 fixtures on one horizontal line. Is this OK?
2) On the Main floor, I have circuit vented the laundry tub, the clothes washer and the floor drain, is this OK?
3) In the kitchen/main floor bathroom I have an island loop vent for the two kitchen sinks (one is grey and one is black). On the same line I have a bathroom floor drain and a shower unvented at the moment - Can the Island loop vent be a circuit vent for those two. If not, although both are close enough to the stack vent distance wise, I think I would need to direct vent the shower because you cannot wet vent on a horizontal line, I think
4) Any other feedback on this plan would be greatly appreciated

NHMaster 05-18-2010 06:09 PM

I think this is a pretty big project to tackle without a pretty solid plumbing background. Drawing lines on a blueprint is one thing, actually installing them is always quite another. What you are proposing is possible, but by the time you get everything done to code it's probably going to cost you more than had you hired a plumber. These forums are pretty good for help with simpler projects but I doubt anyone with a license and experience is going to go out on a limb and design your entire plumbing system. Never mind the concerns with underslab piping, permitting, testing and a host of other problems that will pop up during the project.

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