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fauer 02-25-2008 04:57 PM

missed the plumbing in the slab!!!
One thing got goofed up on my garage/loft build. I put together a beutiful PVC pipe setup that was to serve as my undocumented toilet hookup in my garage (can't build the house for 1-2 yrs). I couldn't be there when he did the slab....and he didin't understand placement and left out my work of genious (built to spec from the plumbing books). He threw in a used elbow in a lame attempt to help me, but now I am left with all slab, and not toilet waste/vent pipe in the floor.
I am do I bust up he floor with a jackhammer, put in the plumbing, and not affect the support for the slab (removing all that earth). I have to go through the floor with the drain...and maybe through the 12" side of the monolythe slab. I may be able to go at sharp angle from toilet to go under the 12" foundation edge (cause the septic pipe is about 15 feet away and 5-6ft down.

This all is kind of temporary... I will have a house, and won't need toilet in garage. My walls are 10' high.
Should I do it the normal way and bust up the slab, or could I just build a platform above the slab about a foot or so high and have the toilet on top (with a shower near by) and he plumbing under the platform, exiting the garage through the wall?

I would sure appreciate some thoughts here. I just can't call a plumber.... I can't afford it, and it's not ok to put plumbing in there.

Chris Johnson 02-25-2008 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by fauer (Post 101689)
and it's not ok to put plumbing in there.

Asking for help is one thing, breaking the law is another, there is a reason the county/town won't allow a washroom in the garage.

No help available from the trades on this forum. :no:

Ron The Plumber 02-26-2008 12:33 AM

Jack hammer up the floor, it's done all the time, should have got that permit.

fauer 02-26-2008 01:41 PM

breaking the law?
Mr. Johnson,

"breaking the law"..... yah right, you don't speed? and what other things might there be. Do you pull every permit every time for every little thing?

What I do I do safely, very safely. I read, study, ask and check.

What reason could make sense not to have a toilet room in a garage? How about all the little car repair shops / gas stations with toilets?

It's the law doesn't carry as much weight as it should because of the abuse by your government in creating laws. Some laws are needed, some are there for special interests... such as strong labor unions (like why you can't have a factory built house in my city...must be stick built.)


moneymgmt 02-26-2008 03:02 PM

For more bickering regarding governments and laws, go to the thread "should I pull a permit". As for your situation, If this is all temporary why would you want it all burried in the concrete? If you're going to "break the law" and put a toilet out there, surely don't put it in a place that will get you in trouble in the future when you can't get rid of the drain pipes?!? You know the other solution (building it on a block), but I doubt you'll get much advice here on how to do things the wrong way; believe me, I've tried :)

Chris Johnson 02-26-2008 08:34 PM

Don't like the laws? Move

Do I pull permits, yes, I do structural work everyday.

I didn't write the laws, there must be a valid reason they won't issue a permit for what you are doing...assuming septic and you don't have sufficient size to cover the garage and future house.

Perhaps you get a permit that has restrictions including the garage facilities which will be removed from use once the house is complete and prior to a final inspection. That's the correct way to do it.

Permits are for your safety, you may do everything top notch, but a second set of eyes never hurts. All the best plumbers on here pull permits and have inspections.

fauer 02-27-2008 07:30 AM

Thanks Mr. Johnson
Thanks Mr. Johnson, you kept your reply at the discussion level instead of blasting me like I thought might come. In general I really appreciate the professional approach and I have high regard for skilled craftsmen. If i do this at all, A. I will consult a plumber at the least, and B. it will be temporary for sure.

hardknocks1 03-03-2008 07:37 PM

if its temporary you can get a toilet that has a rear outlet and can drain it above the floor level without chopping up your slab or footer.. you might have to build up a false floor or maybe not depending where you locate the fixture.
good luck

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