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Lindy_B 02-17-2011 09:34 PM

minimum drain pipe for bathroom sink to code
I'm taking on a much bigger bathroom remodel project than I expected. Adding a second sink by removing a bidet and using the drain and pipes from it for the sink.

The bidet drain is in the floor though but accessible by the same level attic. To get the drain pipe and the copper or pex water lines to the new sink location, I have to go through four 2x4 studs butted together. Trying to figure out how to get the pipes through there up to as much code as possible.

Is there a code with how big a notch or hole you can put in a stud? And what's the smallest diameter pipe you can use for a drain pipe in a bathroom? Ideally, the smaller the better so I can put a smaller hole or notch in the studs.

Also, was considering flexible tubing rather than having to solder copper. Is shark bite connectors and PEX really "ok" or up to code for inside wall use?

Thanks....I'm completely new at this.

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