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Is this messed up? (drawing included)

This manufactured home is 8 years old and was setup by professional contractors (plumbers, electricians, etc..).

My main question here is: Is there something "wrong" with this system? I'm looking for code wise, common sense wise, or just an opinion.

I am as ignorant as they come when it comes to plumbing so please bare with my vocabulary and descriptions. I've included a picture to help explain my situation.

I was going to install a 'whole house' water filter for some minor sediment buildup that has been blocking up my washing machine and causing some minor rusty colored staining in the tubs and sinks.
I picked up a simple unit at Menards that has an IN, an OUT, a bypass and shutoff for when changing filters.
When went to install it, I had to scratch my head a bit when trying to figure out the direction of water flow.
It's been my experience that fresh water flowed into the pressure tank into one side of a T connection, and as water demand was called for at a faucet, the water flowed out of the pressure tank, and out of the other side of the T connection into the house plumbing.
Much like this image (This is NOT my setup):

However my system plumbing seems to be set up a little different. (Please see the attachment below)
Basically, my system is pressurized by the pressure tank, but the flow of water is not a simple IN/OUT operation.
In my drawing you can see the fresh water delivered by the pump does indeed fill the pressure tank..but imagine when a faucet is turned on in the house, and water from the pressure tank starts to flow is going in the direction needed - either to the water heater or to the cold water plumbing to the house. However imagine the pump kicking on when the pressure is low enough - now the water will flow in two directions: 1-back toward the pressure tank, and 2- in the direction of the cold water faucet (assuming cold water is called for).

The way it looks to me, I can easily filter the hot water, or with a little more ambition I could filter the cold water by tapping in below the floor on the "house" side of the well water IN. But to filter both, I'd have to set up a filter on the IN side of the water heater, and another filter on the "house" side of the well water IN.

Maybe this is an "acceptable" setup..or maybe I'm not seeing the correct logic for how water is flowing.
Looking for any advice/opinions.
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Install the water filter on the pipe from the well before the T that leads to the water heater--


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Also get the water checked. If there's enough iron in the wa ter to cause staining you may need a water softner.
If it is needed and you add one your clothes will come out whiter, your plumbing and water heater will last longer, soap will make more suds, no more stain fixtures.
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just feed the entering house cold water in to the filter and when it hits the HWH its already filtered before being heated
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Originally Posted by gilroy View Post

Maybe this is an "acceptable" setup..or maybe I'm not seeing the correct logic for how water is flowing.
Looking for any advice/opinions.
Try not to think of water as flowing THROUGH the pressure tank. It's more of a storage device while the pump is off.

A volume of pressurized water flows INTO the pressure tank while the pump is working. Once the pump is off, you have a reserve of pressurized water. As you use water, it flows out of the pressure tank until the switch detects low pressure, and tells the pump to turn on. At this time, water is now flowing back into the tank again.

So, if you wanted, you could install the pressure tank next to your toilet in your bathroom and use it as a magazine rack, and it still would serve the exact same purpose as it does now. (given of course that you have the water line sized appropriately)
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Thanks for the advice everyone.
Yes, it does make perfect sense that installing the filter in the section of pipe that comes from the well would filter all the water coming into the house.
The point I failed to make clear was that I was hoping to avoid doing anything under the floor. My house doesn't have a basement, but rather a crawl space on a slab. In order to get to the main water line from the well, I'd have to remove a bunch of insulation under the house, tap into the line, then run new lines up through the floor to keep the water filter inside the house.
Maybe that's a job for this spring or summer. I live in northern Wisconsin and the temp is too cold this time of year to be tearing insulation out.

Alan - thanks for the explanation. I do understand the pressure tank can be hooked up anywhere on the cold water side of things to keep the system pressurized. I was just wondering if the way mine is set up is "typical" for a modern home. Every "how-to" and picture I can find on the net, and neighbors' houses I've been to, seem to have the T type connection shown in the first image - where water comes from the well, and then feeds the pressure tank/coldwater plumbing/hwh.

All in all I thank everyone for taking a look at it. It looks like my 20 minute job has turned into a bit longer one because of having to go under the house and work off my back on a creeper. lol


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