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mpt1123 03-01-2009 01:47 PM

Master Bathroom Fixtures

I知 about to begin a master bathroom renovation and I have some questions about plumbing fixtures. We already have Kohler Fairfax fixtures for the vanity, so the plan is to use this same style throughout the rest of the bathroom. I値l be replacing shower fixtures and whirlpool tub deck fixtures.

I壇 like to consider something like model K-10856-4-CP (below) for the shower fixtures but since I have a well, I知 a little concerned that I won稚 have the water pressure to make this effective.

Another option is using model K-10826-4-CP (below).

If I go with this option, which of the values do I use? The plumbing throughout the house is PVC so I知 assuming that K-304-KP is the right one.
Rite-Tempョ pressure-balancing valve
Rite-Tempョ pressure-balancing valve with CPVC connections and screwdriver stops
Rite-Tempョ pressure-balancing valve with screwdriver stops

The original fixtures on the whirlpool tub are not Kohler, so I need to replace the fixtures and the values. I知 planning on using model K-T12885-4-CP (below).
Since the distance between the fixtures will likely be different, I知 guessing that the best fit for this application is the K-300-K valve. I also assume that the difference between te K-300-K and the K-301-K is the size of the supply line (1/2 vs 3/4).
1/2" ceramic high-flow valve system
1/2" ceramic high-flow valve with rigid connections
3/4" ceramic high-flow valve system

Any thoughts or suggestions you have regarding the selection and installation of these fixtures is greatly appreciated.


Bob Mariani 03-01-2009 04:08 PM

If possible run new lines to 3/4" in you only have 1/2" Or your flow in the shower will be too low.

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