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kmcbee1971 01-13-2009 07:53 PM

Main Supply Line Vibrates When Cold Water Runs
About a month ago we noticed a vibrating (loud) in the main supply line pipes coming into our home. This happened when the washing machine was filling with cold water. We checked our supply line when this was happening and the pressure gauge , which is located above our pressure release valve, needle was jumping around and not registering the pressure. When the water stopped flowing the noise stopped and the pressure gauge needle remained still and began registering the pressure again.

We have placed arrestors on our washing machine lines = no solution to the problem. We have turned the incoming water line into the Washing Machine down a bit to reduce the volume of water coming in = no solution. We even replaced the water pump on our washing machine = no solution.

The only other time this noise has appeared has been twice when we flushed one particular toilet and it refilled - noise was at the main supply line as well and when the tank refilled it stopped. Once when we had a faucet turned on in another bathroom - when the water was turned off it stopped and then again once on the kitchen sink faucet.

This appears to happen only with cold water running - it does not happen when hot water is running.

Also, I have noticed the following happen. If the washing machine is filling with cold water and the pipes are vibrating and you can hear the noise - if you turn on a faucet at the kitchen sink or in the bathroom the noise gets much louder - but when you turn that faucet back off - and the washing machine is still filing with water - the noise continues.

I am baffled - could it be the pressure relief valve? Could it be the main water supply line coming into the house? Could it be the water meter?


4just1don 01-13-2009 09:26 PM

when this is happening,,,feel around and see what pipe is vibrating,,,,hammering,,,block it tighter or cushion where it hits

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