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Docfletcher 03-01-2010 03:59 PM

Main House Drain/Through Wall Cast Iron Pipe
How long should the cast iron pipe which runs through the wall in the basement last?

What are they replacing the cast iron with if it should fail?

Cast iron pipe in question has a copper piece coming out of it which connects to very short piece of copper pipe which then connects to brass piece with clean out plug.

Short piece of copper has pinholes as does the rest of the copper main drain. :(

Will I be able to reuse the cast iron section? House was built in 1964.

oh'mike 03-01-2010 06:46 PM

Your cast iron should be fine,The copper is probably Leaded in with oakum packing.

Saw off the copper pipe long enough to give you a lever.

First thing to do is take a screw driver and dig out as much lead as possible--Some times you will get lucky and can pull out the whole band of lead.

Next gently wiggle and rock the old copper to squish and compress the lead that's left--

slow and easy on that--you do not want to break the old iron--the copper should slide out--

clean up the hole and you are ready to go to the plumbing section of your most convenient store.

Re pipe using 3' PVC---buy a black rubber dough nut 4" to 3"---next go to the electrical department and buy a roll of rubber electrical tape(It's about $4.00--soft solid rubber with a white pull off liner to keep the tape from sticking together)

Now get a tube of 100% silicone caulk.

When you get home--cut a stub out(short piece) from your 3" PVC--sand or file a bevel on one end of the pipe. You can't drive the pipe into the dough nut with a square edge--I've tried,bevel it.

Drive the pipe into the dough nut. Test fit it into the cast iron hub,If it's not a tight fit that must be tapped in with a hammer--Add some of that solid rubber tape you bought..

Poop a nice coating of silicone onto the inside of the iron hub and tap in the pipe and dough nut.

Watch that the pipe goes in with the dough nut--good idea to mark the pipe/dough nut with a magic marker -- it's usually two or three taps on the rubber-one tap on the pipe.

Good luck--have fun--Mike---P.S. Use PVC--The white stuff--might cost a bit more but it's worth it.

Docfletcher 03-01-2010 11:12 PM

Thanks for the information. I'll give a go 1st chance.

plummen 03-02-2010 07:41 PM

mixing of plumbing materials is not allowed in most places ive had the pleasure to work in,going from cast iron to pvc to copper combined with a tube of silicone would be a major red tag violation in most places !
post a picture of what you have to make it easier to suggest a proper repair :thumbsup:

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