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iqmgt 07-26-2008 01:37 PM

Low Toilet Refill Pressure
There is a little background info for this problem.

Our water meter is in the same box in the sidewalk as our next door neighbor. When we got our water bills last week, his was over $1200. He went out to the meter and saw that the box was full of water. He called the county and they said the leak was somewhere between the meter and the house. Our bill was about $75 more than the previous 3 months, but my sister has been home from college since May 1.

He had a plumber out last Saturday who hammered up the sidewalk above his main pipe and repaired the leak. However, she noticed the box was still filling up with water and that our meter was running very slowly. So we called out the county and they confirmed we had a leak too.

Our plumber came yesterday and found the leak under the sidewalk. There was a crack in the PVC pipe. He replaced it and that fixed the problem. I'm pretty sure the neighbors plumber caused the crack when she was breaking up the sidewalk, but I don't know how to prove that.

Anyways, Thursday night before I went to bed, the toiled flushed fine. When I woke up, I didn't realize the plumber was out their yet and flushed the toilet. There was hardly any pressure for the incoming water. I realized the plumber must be there and didn't give it any further thought until last night. It turns out the plumber had already turned the water back on and was just cleaning up. Still last night, the pressure is still low.

Basically when I flush the water water goes down the drain put the refill is coming in very slow. So the flush abruptly stops unless I hold down the lever. Taking off the tank, if I push the float all the way down, the water does not come in as hard/fast as it used to. It does eventually fill up the tank and shut off, it just takes a couple of minutes. The other two toilets appear to be experiencing the problem to a lesser degree. But I hardly use those two so I'm not sure if it's just my imagination. The one I mainly use also happens to be the farthest one from the main.

So do you think this is just a coincidence or is related to the plumbing work? Could a small rock have gotten into the line? Maybe he didn't turn the water all the way back on at the meter? Or it's something with the toilet? If it is a rock, how would you find that and flush it out of the pipes? What should I be checking at the toilet?

TazinCR 07-26-2008 06:14 PM

You probably have trash in the fill valve caused by the plumbing problem. Most fill valves now are easy to clean. Turn the water off and hold the fill valve with one hand to keep it from turning and the top should turn 1/4 turn and come off you will see a rubber diaphragm. Remove it and you should see the sediment. Hold your hand over the valve and turn the water on a little and flush the system.Do this to all your toilets. Good luck

Nestor_Kelebay 07-26-2008 11:53 PM

I agree with TazinCR.

If you have a digital camera, just take a picture of the FILL VALVE in each toilet in your house, and go to any home center to buy a replacement rubber diaphragm for each one of your toilet tanks. (or, at least the toilet tank that's not filling with it's original gusto).

With the rubber diaphragm, you should find instructions on how to replace it. You need to clean the area above and below the rubber diaphragm of any sand or solid particles that would interfere with it's operation.

You'll find those rubber diaphragms have small holes in them. If any of those holes get plugged with a tiny particle, then the diaphragm won't work properly, and you could end up with the problem you're having.

Alternatively, if you already know how to replace the rubber diaphragm in your fill valve, maybe just try cleaning it, and the space in the fill valve around that diaphragm.

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