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tsperry 12-07-2011 10:29 PM

Low Pressure from Moen faucet
I can not get any pressure from my new Meon faucet. I get a trickle of water but NO pressure. This is a Moen single lever, and the sprayer retracts back into the Handle unit (one hole in counter). Only dripped from factory, found machine milling shavings in sprayer filter (twice) got new cartridge, and still no pressure. Called Moen they sent new faucet set, installed it same problem. Moen sending another new cartridge saying thats all that can be wrong. Water supply NOT the issue, new 1/2 lines installed and will spray sink base easily. Any like problems with no pressure?

oh'mike 12-08-2011 05:11 AM

Post a picture from under the sink---

Have you opened the shut offs when the cartridge was removed to ensure that the shut offs are working?

A common cause of the problem you describe is crud in the back flow preventer --
this is located where the hose for the wand attaches to the valve body---

Get a diagram of your faucet--you will find it----some times you need to hold a bucket under the valve body and turn on the faucet---the little part will blast right out into the bucket---

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