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Low Hot Water Pressure in Kitchen

I just moved into a condo and have noticed that the hot water pressure in the kitchen suddenly dropped. It was fine for a couple weeks and now it is terrible. The pressure in the rest of the house is fine, it's just the kitchen. Does anyone have any idea why the pressure would suddenly drop?

Thanks in advance!


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I've had this happen twice. I get a lot of sediment in my water which builds up in the valve body of my kitchen sink, causing the flow to decrease. For me it's both hot and cold.

If it's just the hot water in your case, it could be that your hot water heater has sediment in the bottom that's getting kicked up and little by little it clogs the hot side of your valve.

It could also be a damaged washer or gasket in your valve that's restricting the flow of water.

You should shut off the water to your sink, disassemble the valve (carefully so as not to scratch or damage), and check for buildup or bad rubber parts (or scratched/damaged/corroded parts in general). Your problem could be as simple as washing the sediment off the valve parts or replacing a 30 cent washer. As long as you have the valve apart, you should probably replace washers, o-rings, and gaskets anyway if the faucet is old.

If the valve looks OK, you may have a problem in the plumbing. It's way more likely the problem is in the valve, though, so start there.

Not sure how comfortable you are with this stuff; if you need help taking apart the faucet, post a pic or post the make and model (if you know).



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Assuming that there are shut-off valves for the hot and cold water under the sink, turn them off, dismantle the faucet, lay a towel over it, and very briefly turn the (hot) water back on and off to flush out the faucet. If there are no shut-off valves under the sink, you'll have to turn off the main water shut-off valve.
Make sure that the faucet aerator screen is clean.
Good Luck!
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