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homeowner317 04-28-2012 07:36 AM

Low Bathtub Pressure Below Faucet Stem
Hello, I have a bathtub with 2 handles but one faucet. After experiencing low pressure only on the cold water, I attempted to remove the cold water stem and put the water on full pressure to blow out any debris. I thought this fixed it for about a week, but now the problem is worse. When I tried to do the same thing, with the stem removed the water still is blocked and it is just an open hole. I think I broke something. because the stem is attached to another long part. I think I took more than just the stem out. The hexagon bolt is corroded onto the longer back so I think it took out whatever the stem connects to and maybe that broke and some debris clogged the bottom??? Please help. When I shine a flashlight into the hole where the handle comes from it looks like a shiny cylinder with a bottom of a screw coming out the middle toward me. Deep down in the whole about 3 inches. I can post pictures.

homeowner317 04-28-2012 07:54 AM

Please help continued - pictures
4 Attachment(s)
Here are some pictures, I apologize for the lack of terminology.

homeowner317 04-28-2012 10:28 AM

I fixed it !!
Praise the Lord it is fixed !!! :thumbup:

1) I took the part to home depot and found out it is an older model - extremely long but still one piece. I did not break it ! Also it does not have a larger bolt piece around it that others do, but this one was not made that way.

2) The process I did was the exact right process to fix the tub when one side only has low pressure. The difference was this: At the bottom of the stem the screw was loose and eventually came out. (now it makes sense why it looked like a bottom of a screw because it was :laughing: )
I just had to insert the stem (with out the piece attached to the hexagon nut, which also was just one piece that twists all the way off - ie the hexagon nut does NOT come apart from the metal it is attached to, the metal piece comes off) down into the hole and twist it tightly to the right and pull up to get the screw that was stuck down at the bottom of the hole.

3) The fix:

1. Turn household water pressure off.
2. Take the cap off the handle (the little metal circle with the letter c).
3. Unscrew the handle with a phillips screwdriver and pull the handle up and out.
4. Using the wrench/pliers/whatever works twist the stem to the left until it is loose enough to pull the entire thing out.
5. Take the outside of the stem off (the metal thing with the hexagon nut attached to it - just one piece.)
6. Use the "naked" stem to get the screw out of the bottom of the deep faucet hole.
7. tightened the screw at the bottom of the stem I just pulled out the hole.
8. Clean the entire contraption with windex,vinegar, toothbrush, and baby wipes (I am a mother).
9. After drying, apply silicone grease on both rubber washer parts (not necessary but the guy at home depot said it would be helpful) $2.50
10. Screw back the outside metal piece attached to hexagon nut onto the stem.
11. WITH A BUCKET OVER THE FAUCET HOLE: Ask hubby (or whoever) to turn the water pressure on, this will blast all debris out to the faucet hole.
12. Ask hubby to turn off water pressure.
13. Screw stem and outside contraption back in the hole: Note: The screw at the bottom of the stem should be tight, the connection of the outside hexagon nut to the hole should be tight, the connection of the outside hexagon nut to the inside stem should be loose (this controls turning the water off and on and the strength of the pressure).
14. Put handle on and cold water label back on.
15. Turn water pressure back on.

Yay it is fixed !!!

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