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BlueBSH 01-19-2010 01:54 PM

Loud sump check valve
Does anyone make quiet sump pump check valves? the one that we have now when it closes sounds like a brick falling on a wood floor... its LOUD and you can hear it in the entire house.... this is a basement sump and has a 8 ft rise... there are two valves on the line for some reason... one PVC and the other made out of rubber and plastic... its the newer rubber one that makes the noise... the other one i dont even know if it works right... the previous owners had this pump replaced last year and this is what the plumber put in...

Grampa Bud 01-19-2010 04:14 PM

You only need one check valve on the line, but some people will leave the old check valve in place if they don't have the parts to do the job correctly. The newest one should be left in place and the old one removed. Now, yes they do make a "SILENT" check valve. Look for one called 'The Silencer'.
The flapper is spring loaded just slightly closed. A 1/3 horse pump will overcome a 10 foot head plus the spring loaded flapper with no problem at all and generally you will not hear the valve "thump" even if you are within 6 inches of it.

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