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Loud pssst noise when flushing

Hi All.

This happens in most pipes I believe in general. For instance, if you turn on a faucet at full blast and you hear the water going through the pipes, sometimes you hear it almost become a powerful sound with a higher pitched 'psssssst' sound as the water is flowing.

Two years ago, one of our toilets would make this sound when flushing the toilet. Initially, you wouldn't hear it, but 10 seconds into the flushing you would hear the high pitched sound of the waterpipe, until the toilet filled and all was quiet again. To alleviate the problem at the time, I adjusted the valve on the toilet to reduce the flow of water (make it slower) and that seemed to quiet down the loud sound.

However, now, it seems it has come back with a vengeance. I adjusted the valve levels to see if it cuts the sound but it doesn't.

1) What is the reason/cause of this loud 'pssst' sound. Pressure? Note: it's not a whiney sound or squeeky sound...it's a sound as if you could hear water flowing strongly through the pipes.

2) How can I fix this?

We have 2 other washrooms and no other one has this issue.

The house is 10 years old and I did replace the toilet flush mechanism a year ago.

Any insight would be helpful.



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I have same problem with my shower unit... the plumber come by... open it up... replace the core part... it all works ... ask plumber why... he said xyz... basically means he doesn't know either... just know change whatever he can change see what happens....

so in layman term: one possible reason is having a bad valve....

I am having similar issue with one of my sink facuet... when turning on hot water first before cold water... big vibration sound come up... now I have change my habit by turning cold water first (I have the two switch type)... to avoid change anything for the sake of saving money...


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we have same problem, almost, in house we just bought. the one toilet
makes a loud whing noise when you flush. verrry loud! no other pies do this
except that one toilet. i am new to home ownership & would appreciate any
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Fiser: Try doing what I did. Near the back/side of the the toilet, there is a valve which you can tighten/loosen. This will regulate the amount of water that goes into the toilet. If you perhaps tighten it and then loosen it, you can get a sense of (when you flush) if the noise is still there. You may have to flush a few times and adjust this valve to get an idea.

Personally, I have to experiment a bit. My baby is asleep when I usually get home, so I'll have to wait until the weekend...

Scientifically though, i wonder is this pressure that's causing it?

I wish I took courses in physics!!
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