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oldgoat 12-27-2008 09:47 AM

lost hot water
Got up this morning and the son told me that we didn't have hot water. Checked and the burner was on and I thought maybe I had a hot water line that had broke but can't hear any water running in the crawl space. Waited about a half hour and we had hot water back finally. We've never had this problem before so I'm wondering if maybe the tank is getting full of sediment and is having a hard time recovering from showers or what. The tank is a Reliant gas heater that was made in 91. Have been thinking I ought to replace it since I'm probably on borrowed time. If so what would be a good brand to get or maybe better what would be a good brand to avoid?

biggles 12-27-2008 12:36 PM

you had water out of the hot faucet ........just that it wasn't hot?if you had no water the town might of shut the system pumps just at that time. i would give that heater a good flush out(before condeming it) drain off the bottom to the yard or slop sink.put the gas valve to pilot......close the cold side valve...drain the tank pop up the relief vent.see what comes out might see metal flakes if anything..........don't expect diamonds:huh:.when it is all drained 1/2 open the cold a let it run for 30 minutes(close the relief valve)

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