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Cly 09-30-2006 06:41 AM

loss of water pressure

My house is over 25 years old and we are on a well.with in the last week or so the water pressure has droped.I checked the gauge on the pressure tank and it reads about 80psi.There is an electical switch just to the left of the tank.should it kick on when the water is turned on??nothing has been changed or anything.We just started lossing pressure..I don't know how to check the switch assembly or to make sure it is functioning properly but that is what I think the problem might be.any help would be great thanks in advance.


majakdragon 09-30-2006 10:42 AM

There should be a small switch that is covered with a metal cover. carefully remove the cover and have have someone turn on a water fixture. The switch should "click" and the pump come on. I have had ants get into the contacts and get "zapped" and break the connection causing the pump not to connect. Turn off the power to the unit before touching anything inside the switch. You may also find corrosion on the contacts for the switch which can be cleaned off with a piece of sandpaper or contact cleaner.

Mike Swearingen 09-30-2006 12:35 PM

Your home water pressure should not be 80 psi. It really shouldn't be above about 60 psi for residential.
Turn off the pump and drain the water pressure off. Then check the pressure in your pressure tank with a tire guage. It should read two psi below your pump cut-on pressure. If water comes
If it is too low, air it up with a bicycle pump or portable air tank or compressor. If it is too high, bleed the pressure off. If the pressure tank won't hold the pressure when the pump isn't running (or if water comes out of the air valve when you check it), then you need to replace the pressure tank.
There should be about a 20-lb differential in your pump cut-on/cut-off pressure, i.e. 20/40, 30/50, etc.
Be very careful when removing the cover of the pressure switch. The wire connections are HOT (120v) and exposed when that cover is removed.

Cly 09-30-2006 08:11 PM

OK...Well I dove into it and got it fixed....First off I found that the pump was running all the time.I replaced the pressure switch and installed a new gauge.After I got those parts installed I found that the pressure was about 14psi max.I then thought that I have a leak somewhere.Found no wet spots in the yard or the crawl space.I pulled the pump up and it just about fell apart in my hands.I got a new pump(better one then 25 years ago) and got it wired up and installed after a few trips to the hardware store.Powered the system up and what do ya know I got pressure.I made sure the switch was set right.(on at 30 off at 50) and it seems to be working better now than it has i years.I did learn alot today thanks to one of my friends that came over and helped me out.I just wanted post a follow up and say thanks for the input and maybe someone else in need could see the fix.....

Thanks again guys...Hey I think I hear the shower callin my name..:thumbup:


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