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herbolaryo 05-26-2007 01:31 PM

Looking for a Highly Recommended Dual Flush Toilet
We are on the process of remodelling the bathroom.
The house is suited where nature and animal is just around your house. So the idea of a Nature-friendly house is also in mind.

So when it comes to toilet... an ideal toilet should be:

1. Dual Flush :thumbsup:-so its a water saver
2. One piece -:thumbsup: So its easier to clean, does not hide the dirt in the crevices between the tank & bowl
3. Elongated :thumbsup:- so for household with men using it... its less messy to "Aim"
4. Does not use electricity - there are high efficiency toilet but they use low voltage to perform well
5. Have a high Maximum Performance Rating (MaP) Report as independently tested by Veritec
Of course, there new released toilets might not still be in the list ...for as long as it performs well also
6. Low profile - I have never seen a dual flush that is low profile... Low profile means the tank has a "short" height which translates to more spacious bathroom
7. Fairly priced -

There are many toilet manufacturers ...
Caroma, kohler, gerber, vitra, american standard, zurn,mansfield, vortens

BUT there seems to be NO makers of Dual Flush, Elongated, One piece toilet at the very least...

Any recommendation:yes:

mellen333 09-11-2007 02:30 PM

Not one-piece but still good
We found a non-electric, dual-flush, elongated, flush-mounted toilet from Sterling that is just beautiful (not one of your requirements but it is nice to have!) It is not one piece but it looks like it is and it has a lip on the base so that it is easy to clean like a one-piece. In addition to being flush with the wall, you don't see the "piping" on the side because it's enclosed! It's the nicest one we found and the least expensive. The only critique I have is that it is a little small (but not low since it's comfort height) but "delicate" is the way I described it.

It's the Stanton model from Sterling (a division of Kohler). Let me know if this is what you had in mind.
- Mel

CMPLUMBER 09-11-2007 10:47 PM

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