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tominator 03-23-2011 11:41 PM

looking for an electronic ball valve with timer
I have a question regarding recirculation of hot water with a standard hot water heater. A third copper recirculation line was run to all water locations in the house to provide instant" hot water when faucets were turned on but since nothings "free" it causes the hot water heater to cycle on/off CONSTANTLY. I do not want to add a granfos pump on the system but rather I am looking for an "electronic" ball valve that I can put in place of the manual ball valve that is currently on the third "recirculation" line that goes into bottom of hot water heater. Would like to be able to open & close this electronic ball valve based on time of day to have instant hot water only at certain critical times of the day to reduce HWH cycling. I think there are normally closed selinoid activated ball valves that could be used but all I want is a simply electric actuated ball valve with a timer similar to the gilmour company plastic valves that are used for exterior watering. They connect to an exterior sillcock and set the built in timer and it turns on & off the water based on settings. ....But I can not seem to find such a product made for hot water.
So in summary I'm looing for an electronic valve with timer that I can put in place of the current manual ball valve that is normally open but is causes HWH to cycle alot. Just want to be able to open & close the ball valve on hte recirculation line based on time (probably morning and evening for a few hours). The recirculation line really works well but gives the HWH a real workout and burns alot of needless propane keeping that water hot when no one is there to use it during the day.

That's my situation and was wondering is someone on the site could please help me?
MANY thanks in advance.

Akpsdvan 03-24-2011 12:05 AM

It would most likely be cheaper if you found an electric solenoid valve, and run the 120 through a timer like what you would use to turn on the engine heater for your car or truck.
The valves are either normally open or normally closed.. all that you would have do is pick a valve the is either open and timer closes or closed and timer opens the valve.

The solenoid valve is what I use when I need to close and or open water flow to some treatment equipment.

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