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Nospammer 08-16-2012 02:48 PM

leaks on rear base of toilet & water supply valve
on 8 7 12 we noticed small amt of water at rear of toilet on bathroom floor. we researched &found this means that the wax seal needs to be replaced.
on 8 15 12 when we tried to remove nut from bolt holding toilet to gasket on floor, the bolt moved so we couldn't get off the nut. neighbor loaned us his bolt cutters & diamond saw to cut off bolt below the nut. although there ws little space between nut and bowl base, we whittled away and were ultimately able to squeeze in the bolt cutters to cut off bolt w/nut on each side.
once the toilet was off we noticed the flange was oriented improperly so that the bolts weren't installed in the spots they ought to be on the flange. we found there's a replacement flange you can install over the existing flange so that the spots for the bolts are in their proper place Ace 014713 "Ace" Toilet Flange Repair Ring - Stainless Steel. we got to ace just before they closed to buy this item and installed it over the existing flange as it's glued to the pipe.
we removed old wax ring&installed new wax ring w/ new bolts&nuts kit we bought at ace and used the bolt cutters to cut off the excess bolt that ws preventing plastic cover from fitting properly.
when we turned water back on we noticed drip coming off water supply line. we researched and found this means either the supply line and/or the water supply valve need to be replaced. the valve drips even when it's off (we don't remember seeing it drip b4 we turned it off to do this toilet repair). we will replace supply line & water supply valve.
now, we've also noticed the reapperance of the small amt of water at rear of toilet on bathroom floor. we think it's due to the uneven floor beneath the toilet due to the water that's leaked onto the wood floor. there is a Fluidmaster Wax-Free Toilet Bowl Gasket that says it "seals on uneven floors or over tile floors with a recessed flange without the use of wax" so we're going to buy&install it to see if it alleviates that leak.

is this the wisest way to proceed or what would be the way to go to stop these leaks?

TheEplumber 08-16-2012 03:21 PM

Questions for you-
Are you sure it's not caused by tank condensation?
did check for leaks at the tank to bowl connections?
does the toilet rock or move at all- firmly seated to the floor? If it shifts or rocks- the wax seal will be compromised.
For the valve leak-tighten the packing nut slightly and are you sure its the valve and not the supply line connection?
side note- buy a "tiny tim" mini hack saw to use on the flange bolts

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