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cmjb13 04-02-2008 11:33 AM

Leaking toilet. What the heck is wrong?
I noticed the downstairs toilet had water flowing from the bottom base of the bowl when flushed. After speaking with some people they recommended replacing the wax ring. I disassembled everything and reassembled everything. While I don't have the leaking from the base, I have noticed leaking from the 2 bolts that connect the tank to the bowl. Originally, it was only leaking when flushed. Now it leaks when flushed and idle.

I replaced the 2 bolts and rubber washers that connect the tank to the bowl. I've also tried many combinations of washers, wingnuts, and bolts, but no matter what I do this still leaks. There was only 1 plastic wing nut on each bolt connecting from the bottom. Yet if I try several washers, it still leaks. This thing is fussy. I have not replaced the round gasket that connects the tank to the bowl.

Keep in mind that this tank never leaked until I pulled it apart. Looking at the 2 holes on the bowl from the underside, show that the holes are "wavy" and not completely flat. I notice no cracks. I do notice that when one bolt is connected and not leaking, the other bolt going through the hole is not centered and rests upon the side of the hole. This makes me think that this is an alignment issue only, though I'm not sure.

It's a elongated Gerber from 1994 (original to the house). I'd rather not replace the whole unit if I can avoid it.

I truly appreciate any advice.


MgMopar 04-10-2008 09:21 PM

Boy, I would say this is a hard one. I think if the unit is in place now I would snuggest trying to dry it off and looking for the source. If it is the center seal to get a replacement if it the bolts try to seal them. Remember you must seal a bolts surface and in some cases the bolt threads can wick fluid. Any way find the source and work with that you can add some food coloring or similar to the tank so you can track the leak more easily. Once you find it if you still have problems let us know what you find.

sfixx 04-11-2008 09:57 AM

I've had a toilet develop a hairline crack that was almost invisible. Look and feel around the bowl and tank in good light for such a problem. Other than that it's pretty simple to isolate a leak: wax ring, tank-to-bowl washer or the tank mounting bolts and washers. The wax ring should not leak unless you have a restriction down stream which puts pressure on the ring. If the bowl empties slowly this may be your problem.

Good luck!


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