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Boongoon 10-30-2008 08:27 AM

Leaking Toilet
I have a toilet leaking from the floor. I have replaced the wax seal twice and then even replaced the toilet. Still leaking. Any advice.


DangerMouse 10-30-2008 09:36 AM

may be a cracked pipe under the flange? does it leak to the room below. if any? does it pool on that floor? one guy i know just used 2 wax rings once. you need a closer inspection of the mounting, i think.


Boongoon 10-30-2008 10:03 AM

I actually have two wax rings on it now. It is on a slab so I do not know about the leaking below. It is a slow leak and is not always evident. If the pipe was cracked I wouldn't think that it would leak upward onto the floor but I am not sure. Any other thoughts? This is driving me crazy:eek::furious:

Does the flange need to be even with the finished floor? Does it mater if it is above slightly?

DangerMouse 10-30-2008 10:12 AM

check carefully, it MAY not be leaking from below, but from the tank/bowl gasket? or even the water inlet line.


craig/plumber 10-30-2008 11:12 PM

hi iam a plumber if you replaced was seal and toilet and its still leaking from flange on floor. it could be your flange needs a flange extention to bring it up more so the wax seal can make a seal.

Mike Swearingen 10-31-2008 02:00 AM

Yep. The flange should be level and on top of the finished floor level with only the thickness of the flange above finished floor level.
The flange should be securely bolted to the floor (Tapcons, if on concrete, work well).
You can use an extension made for the purpose or two stacked wax rings. I use a wax ring with plastic horn on top when I double them up. Good Luck!

Boongoon 10-31-2008 08:16 AM

Craig and Mike,

Thanks for the input. I will have to take the toilet off this weekend and see where the flange levels to the floor. If my memory is correct, I believe it is just at floor level so with all your advice I would need to use an extension to raise the flange slightly. I will keep you updated.


Boongoon 11-04-2008 05:44 PM

OK, so the flange is actually just above the finished floor. I installed a Fluidmaster waxless seal. Still freaking leaking. I did notice the the floor is not level and I leveled the toilet. Still leaking.:( My next guess would be to use rubber seals. Please help.:mad::furious:

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