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leaking thread connect

i put a sink in the basement and one of my thread connections is having a very very small drop leak. how do you fix this? should i dissconnect it and re wrap with more teflon tape?


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should i dissconnect it and re wrap with more teflon tape?
Ayuh,........ That's how it's Done.......


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What pipe is leaking? Is it the waste? If so lets examine this.
There is a horizontal rod in back of the drain that connects the pop up handle to the stopper. Where it goes into the drain there should be a nut holding the rod in place. Sometimes if the washers here are not installed correctly, broken, missing, or the nut is loose this will cause a leak. Teflon is not needed here at all.

At the bottom of the bulgy area where the pop up goes into the drain there is another piece of pipe that screws into the pop up section. This is called the "Tail Piece". The tail piece has male threads and DOES REQUIRE Teflon here. If there is none, remove this by removing the trap nut, turn the tail piece anti clockwise, install tape to the threads by winding the tape on in the same direction you would tighten it (Looking at the thread end it would be clockwise) Reinstall and tighten. Not too tight, by hand first, then maybe 1/4 turn more with pliers. Reconnect trap.

Trap nuts leaking. Remove the retaining nut, check the washers as they could be cracked. replace if need be, then re install. Trick here is after you hand tighten the nut(s) run hot water through the sink. This will soften the metal or plastic allowing you to tighten more.

Supply line leaking
This is for either hot or cold side. If its leaking where the supply line goes into the faucet, snug some more with proper sized wrench. If the faucet is connected to the supply line by a piece of copper thats attached by the factory at the faucet make sure to use 2 wrenches so you don't ring off the copper line. NO Teflon here.

If its leaking at where the supply line goes into the shut off valve then simply snug some more. Sometimes it seems we tighten the nuts too much, but it does take some pressure to seat the ferrule. NO TEFLON needed here.

If its leaking under the cut off handle, then simply snug the packing nut under the handle. DO NOT over tighten, just snug as over tightening will make it hard too turn the valve. NO TEFLON here.

If its leaking where the water comes into the valve, then this must be tightened also don't worry if it is a nut, it does sometimes take a bit of pressure to seat the ferrule. If its soldered or has a pex ring, then it will need to be re soldered, pex ring you may need to use a crimper and try to re crimp, if this don't do it then it may need to be cut off and a new ring installed and crimped.

If its leaking where the rubber gasket touches the bottom of the sink bowl on the underside, tighten the nut, NO TEFLON here.

Hope this helps. I think I covered all the possible areas of leaks.
If there is a leak anywhere else I am stumped!
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