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leaking PVC pipe

I have pinpointed the leak on the 1.5" drain line from our master bathroom sinks. Is there anything on the market that can be poured and seal off any leaks or do I have to start tearing into sheet rock?


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To do it right, I'm afraid that you're going to have to get to theleak and repair it properly. Water damage is the Number One house killer, and the sooner it's fixed, the better.
Good Luck!


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AK,Mike is correct
If your 1.5" drain is leaking at the the Sanitary Tee behind the sheet rock I would replace it with a Combo Tee/Wye.

Much easier and less stressful on the connection the next time it needs to be snaked out.

This is a fairly easy DIY fix for plastic fittings.

Combo fittings are available at Plumbing Supply Houses but not commonly seen at HD or LOWE'S.

Let us know what happens after you open the wall.
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& Stay Safe
.....Bob Lavery
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if you have a cabinet under your sink you can cut out the 1/4" backing (if there) and then the sheetrock. be careful not to damage other pipes or wires back there. i use a key hole saw just barely inside the rock. don't go too deep.if you can just cut a square or rectangle out and if everything works just right you can use the same piece going back in that came out. use a cable saw to cut the pipe but get far enough away from the fittings bell to allow a fernco no hub band to go back on if you can't move the fitting enough to glue the new one back on. remember what you cut out here contains the connection of the pipe and fitting so you have to accomplish this again. if the pipes do not move then there's your problem. if you know about no-hub bands and cable saws you might be ok, if not seek competent advice. i don't think i would try to put a different fitting on this project than what came out. (there is a time and place for everything, but i'm not sure this is it.) if the tee comes straight out of the wall and you replace it with a combo then it will be too long out into the cabinet and after you put a trap adapter on it will then be out of place to accept a p-trap. if it was turned sideways and went to an elbow that stubbed out you might make it work but it will be out of whack with how it was roughed-in. changing things here could open up a bigger can of worms. sorry bob, thanks,bb
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is this leak apparent when you use the sink? that vent pipe should go up and out the roof and be used with a roof boot. or it might go horizontal and tie in with others. i have seen them rot out and rain water come down the pipe making people think they had a water leak. also, when you repair this fitting if you push the vent pipe up to get it back down on the fittings you can "break" the seal it has on the roof. if you do push it up be careful. note on that no hub band, use it on one side of your pipe and glue the other. don't keep your head under the sink too long with the glue smell. bad stuff for the brain. bb
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