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rob07030 11-01-2010 11:03 PM

Leaking Pressure Relief Valve of Boiler
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I have a residential Utica Boiler (looks like it was installed in 1983) that is leaking a decent amount of water through the pressure relief valve when running. Today I replaced the pressure relief valve with a new one (30 psi), and replaced the expansion tank with the exact same model (Watts ET-15) since the old one was completely waterlogged. I bled the system, turned the auto-feeder back down (I guess this reduces inlet pressure coming from the municipal source?), heard the expansion tank fill up, then started her up, only to see more water dripping from the relief valve. The pressure gauge looks like it hits 30 psi when running. I am getting heat through the radiators, but don't like the fact that the boiler is leaking so much water.

I'm at the of end of what I can handle / replace myself. My questions are:
(1) Does anyone have any other trouble-shooting suggestions that I can try, or should I just call a plumber/boiler technician?
(2) Does this sound like something that a technician can address, or is my boiler at the end of its life? What might the technician do to service this?
(3) Finaly, is this a safety issue, or can I continue to operate the boiler even if it's leaking a fair amount of water?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.



COLDIRON 11-02-2010 06:20 AM

Is there a pressure/ temperature gauge on the boiler? If so what is it reading.

AllanJ 11-02-2010 07:11 AM

Is there a shutoff valve (not just an autofill valve) for the fresh water feed to the boiler? Turn this off but keep observing to see if water is still continually released from the relief valve.

Is your domestic hot water from a tankless heat exchanger on the boiler? Water heating coils can spring a leak and then the boiler gets too much water in it all the time. The boiler normally runs at a somewhat lower pressure than the water supply.

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