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alpinekid 07-07-2012 02:52 PM

leaking main supply line from street
I have a leak in the main supply line from the street to the house. Its between the meter and the shutoff for the house, right under the sidewalk:(.

I can dig about 3 ft from the meter and about 3 ft from the house, the rest is under concrete steps and sidewalk. The total distance is about 30ft.

From what I can see it seems to be a straight run, the pipe leaves the meter on a downward slope and arrives at the house valve on on upward slope and two ends seem to line up.

The pipe is about 30yrs old, some kind of black plastic, The inside dia is about 1.2?? inches and is held on with hose clamps.

Can I just run another pipe, maybe a pex or some kind of mdpe inside this line?
sort of line sliplining only without the sealing stuff. I would seal the ends and use what it takes to connect the new pipe to the meter and house shutoff.

The existing pipe seems bigger than the supply from the street so I may not even loose any volume or pressure.

If this is possible what would be the best choose of pipe?

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