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teamcanada 06-23-2010 02:16 AM

Leaking Dishwasher Clean-up
My dishwasher leaked about a gallon of water tonight. I caught most of it while it was leaking, but some of it, probably a fairly small amount, may have seeped underneath the uncocked kitchen counter units (baseboard level). I solved the leak problem, but then I was concerned that maybe there is a bit of water under the kitchen baseboards, so I took the hair dryer and passed it by a few times.

I suppose I'm wondering whether I should be concerned if a bit of water seeped underneath the baseboards? I did my best to keep as much water out as possible, but probably a bit got under there.

As well, because of the leak under my dishwasher, there was a lot of water underneath the unit. I soaked most of it with rags, and much of it evaporated, and I tried to blow dry the rest. I prefer not pull the whole unit out, so the little bit of water that's still under there should just evaporate, right? Anything more I can/should do?

Finally, I was wondering as well whether enclosed dishwasher spaces are usually fully cocked around the perimeter. I know the sides of the dishwasher space are (at least on mine, I can see the cocking), but it's hard to tell whether the very back of it is. I can probably assume it is cocked, right? I just want to make sure no water seeped through any open spaces back there. I checked the crawlspace, and I don't see any water damage.


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